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Software updates are offered free of charge to all registered users. An update is any software release that corrects existing problems in the software (bugs) or makes functional adjustments to its features. To update your software, simply download the current version. You may need to serialize the software before using it. You should use your current software serial number to serialize the software.

If you do not know your current serial number, you can retrieve it by holding down the option key and selecting the "About.." menu in your current software version.

Some downloads may be upgrades to your existing version.
An upgrade is any software release the adds new features. Software upgrades may be offered for a discounted upgrade price.

Product Title Platform Operating System Version  
  FontDoctor   Macintosh   10.7+   10.7   Download
    Windows   7.x, 8.x, 10.x   10.7   Download
  FontXChange   Macintosh   10.13+   5.3.0   Download
    Windows   7, 8, 10   5.1.0   Download