Frequently Asked Questions

General Support Questions

How can I find my current serial number?

Your product serial number was provided to you in an email when you purchased the software. If you cannot find that email and you know you purchased the software from our web store, you can log in to your account and find your purchased serial number there.

If you purchased your product from a third party vendor (e.g. Extensis), you should contact them directly for support.

Finally, in most cases if your product is already serialized you can launch the software, then while holding down the "Option" key and/or the "Shift" key, select the "About..." menu item and your serial number will be displayed in the About window. (Note: key combinations may differ between products and may not be supported at all)

FontDoctor Questions

When trying to serialize FontDoctor, I get Authorization Error "Sorry, an error occurred when trying to verify your serial number. Please try again." even though The serial number is valid.

FontDoctor is trying to create a new folder or is trying to access a folder that it does not have permission or access to.

Try this:

1. From the Desktop, double-click the start-up hard drive icon.

2. Use the "Go" menu and select the "Go to Folder..." menu item, paste this into the field: ~/Library/Application Support/FontDoctor

3. Confirm that the folder exists

2. If it does NOT exist, create it. If it DOES exist, delete it, then recreate it.

3. Launch FontDoctor

FontDoctor shows my quarantined font files in the Quarantine tab. Where are the actual font files?

FontDoctor stores quarantined files in a private folder so they dont get lost or misplaced. The Quarantine panel provides an easy way to restore quarantined font files back to their original locations at any time. To restore a font file, click the checkbox next to the font file name in the list. When a file is checked in the list, the Restore button becomes enabled. Click the Restore button to restore the font files.

To select a different folder to restore the font files into (other than the original font file folder), hold down the Option key then click the Restore button. This will present the select folder dialog window. Choose the folder you want to restore the fonts into to finish.

Lastly, if you want to see the actual Quarantined font files folder you can do this:

1. Launch FontDoctor and open the AutoScan settings window.

2. In the AutoScan settings window there is a small gear icon button at the bottom of the window. Hold down the Option and Shift keys and click that button. You should see an “Advanced Settings” menu item. Select that.

3. In the Advanced Settings window, click the "Show Quarantine Folder" button.

FontXChange Questions

When I convert a font, some of the characters are wrong. Why is that?

FontXChange uses a "font encoding" when converting fonts. The font encoding determines which characters go where. In the FontXChange Settings window you can try selecting a different encoding before converting the font.